New Year’s Resolutions to Help Reduce Your Stress

Woman exercising.

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to think about new beginnings. One of the best ways to bring positive change to your life is by investing in your health and reducing stress.

Let’s take a look at the best ways to improve your wellness in 2020.

Gift Ideas for the Hot Tub Owner in Your Life This Holiday

Hot tub aromatherapy products.

Let’s face it; holiday shopping can be stressful. If you want to avoid the mall this year, we have a great way to help you do just that. Instead of a traditional gift this holiday season, why not buy the hot tub enthusiasts on your list something for their spa? Check out these great gifts that are sure to make any spa lover smile.

What Foundation is Best for My Hot Tub?

What Foundation is Best for My Hot Tub?

Now that you’ve chosen and purchased the perfect hot tub for your home, it’s time to turn your attention to the next step in the process: the installation. Every good installation begins with a solid and reliable base. In this article, we will discuss the foundation options for your new hot tub.

Ease Symptoms of Arthritis with Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Man with arthritis soaking in the hot tub.

If pain relief is what you seek, hot tub hydrotherapy could be the answer. Hydrotherapy, the age old practice of using water immersion for healing, is one of the best natural ways to deal with pain. In fact, the Arthritis Foundation has called hydrotherapy one of the most effective ways to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis.

How To Find Inspiration for Your Backyard Pool Renovations

How To Find Inspiration for Your Backyard Pool Renovations

Is it time for a backyard makeover? Pool renovations are a great investment, both in the value of your home and in your enjoyment of your property. A pool makeover doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. Let’s face it, pools have an unlimited number of options and installation ideas, so as long as your pool is still structurally sound, why not consider a remodel? There are many ways you can spruce up your existing pool.

How to Store Your Pool Chemicals Safely

Backyard shed for storing pool chemicals.

Do you own a swimming pool? If not, you may be considering purchasing one in the fear future. While it’s no secret that a swimming pool can provide the perfect environment for fun and relaxation, there is some maintenance and upkeep that comes along with it as well. Certain pool maintenance products such as cleaning supplies and water care chemicals should always be used appropriately and stored safely. In this article, we’re going to cover the importance of storing your pool chemicals and water care products safely and help you figure out a storage system that works best for you.

Top 10 Swim Spa Exercises You’ll Love to Try

Outdoor swim spa installation at dusk.

Getting a swim spa can help you get a serious workout while still having fun. For those who are wanting to start a gentle but serious exercise regimen, in-ground swim spas can help you get into your best shape without putting needless strain or pressure on your joints. The workouts can be both invigorating and low-impact, making fitness accessible for people of all ages and skill level. If you have been wanting to whip yourself into your best self possible, try these ten exercises next time you take a dip in your swim spa!

Backyard Renovations to Complete Your Swimming Pool Installation

Swimming pool patio area in the spring.

Summer is just around the corner, bringing balmy nights and perfect opportunities for swimming and poolside lounging. If your in-ground or above-ground pool is in serious need of a makeover, now is the time to consider what renovations will enhance your poolside environment and complete your swimming pool installation.

When considering how to revamp your swimming and lounging retreat, there are a few things that you need to consider.

What is the Best Hot Tub for Me?

Woman opening up her outdoor hot tub.

Take your time when looking at hot tubs for sale to find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle. You’ll want to learn all about the benefits of the best hot tubs to make the right choice.

From materials to hot tub warranty, you’ll want to get the most value for your investment. Within your budget, consider the quality of the product, dimensions and seating options as well as entertainment features when planning your purchase. Be sure to find out about maintenance, how to use hot tub chemicals for cleaning your spa and its cover. They’re all important to think about how you’ll be using your new hot tub.

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Cover in 5 Simple Steps

Hot tub cover on a Sundance Spas Brand hot tub.

Hot tubs are the perfect place to de-stress after a long day — but only if they are kept in proper working order. The best way to protect your outdoor hot tub is with a well-maintained cover. Hot tub covers are essential to the longevity of your spa, keeping dirt and debris that can cause damage out of the water. In this article, we’re going to review the five simple steps to cleaning your hot tub cover.

How Hot Tub Covers Help Your Spa Stay Clean

Outdoor hot tub with a cover on placed by the water.

You’ve invested in an outdoor hot tub, now you want to make sure it’s looked after to enjoy for many years to come. A priority is a cover to protect the hot tub – keeping the water in and things like leaves and bugs out. It’s essential to buy the right cover for your hot tub, your needs and the overall backyard situation. Choose wisely and it will save you money in the long term. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how exactly a spa cover can help keep your hot tub clean.

5 Reasons why a Two-Person Hot Tub Might Be Perfect For You

5 Reasons why a Two-Person Hot Tub Might Be Perfect For You

A two-person hot tub is built for two, which means that you get to have all the extra space in the spa if you decide to bathe alone. Not to mention all the extra space that will be available in your backyard! Whether you're a young professional looking to make the most of a smaller backyard, or an empty nester who is ready to make the most of your home after the kids have moved out, a two-person hot tub might just be for you!

Let's take a look at the top five reasons why a two-person hot tub might be the right choice for you.

The Importance of Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

Pool cleaning accessories on a dock by the pool.

Anyone who owns a swimming pool will surely agree that it’s an extremely valuable asset.

Not just to the value of their home and beautiful aesthetic that it brings to the backyard, but how it can improve your quality of life overall. Not only can using a swimming pool on a regular basis help you to lead a healthier lifestyle, but it can also prove to be great for backyard entertainment. You can throw pool parties, have BBQ nights and much more. However, with every swimming pool comes a great responsibility. It is your job to keep it clean and operating in peak condition. If the pool and surrounding areas aren’t kept clean and safe, it can affect the functionality, safety and aesthetic of your backyard.

5 Backyard Improvements You Need to Make This Spring

Illuminated walkway at night.

When the winter season is over and you can see the first signs of spring in the air, chances are you might find the motivation to give your backyard a mini makeover. Even the smallest of changes and improvements can help improve the functionality and aesthetic of your backyard, transforming it into the ultimate getaway for some peace and quiet, or the best place to host your family and friends.

Here is a list of five improvements you can add to your backyard this spring.

Top Reasons Why Cleaning Your Hot Tub is Critical

Woman opening up her hot tub cover to clean the spa.

Similar to pool cleaning, it’s also very important to regularly clean your hot tub and ensure proper maintenance. Soaking in a hot tub that is not properly cleaned exposes your body to numerous risks, with skin irritations being the most prominent one. Furthermore, not cleaning it may also damper its performance and you may have to bear the charges of hot tub repair services.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so important to clean your spa and the best methods to do just that!




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