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Sundance® Difference

Finding the best hot tub for you.

Best hot tub spa: Like love, finding the best hot tub for you it isn’t just about one thing. Living with a hot tub is almost like finding that special someone. You can relax and enjoy good times together. You appreciate their good looks and nice features. And when you’re still satisfied after years together, you know you made the right decision to go with the best hot tub for you – a Sundance® spa!

The Sundance® Difference doesn’t just mean you’ve found the best hot tub spa, it means you will be satisfied with your hot tub in every way. At Outback Pools and Spas, we care about making your life easier with low-maintenance spas. We are committed to providing our customers with products that are known for energy-efficiency. Our products are always making advances in design and technology that are the envy of the competition. Fall in love with a Sundance® spa at our store in Wichita Falls, Texas. Do you have a question about our brands, products, or services? Get the answers here in our FAQ section.






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