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Pool Accessories

Your swimming pool may be the center of your life during the warm months, so you want to make certain it’s providing the perfect backyard experience for you, your family, and your friends. Having a pool is only the first step into creating such a backyard paradise. You also need to make certain you have all of the right accessories that will keep your pool clean and make sure everyone is having fun. We offer a wide range of pool accessories ranging from basic cleaning supplies and equipment to luxury items and products designed to help you save energy.


Pool Chemicals

Swimming in a dirty pool can be a health hazard. Keep your loved ones safe with a sanitary and clean pool by adding products such as our BioGuard® and Mineral Springs® Pool Chemicals. They will help keep the water clean and healthy, ensuring you have a great time swimming. We offer a variety of sanitizers, shock chemicals, water balancers, water enhancers, off season products, salt water and non-chlorine pool products, and more!


Pool Covers and Liners

Protect your backyard investment with high-quality products. Our Loop-Loc® pool covers and liners can improve the safety and functionality of your above ground pool. Our mesh pool safety covers are durable and reliable, while offering enough strength to support the weight of an elephant! Browse through our products online or visit us in-store today to get started.


Pool Heaters and Extras

Enjoy your above ground pool anytime of the year and during the day or night by adding lights and a pool heater. A pool heater can maintain the temperature of your pool so it’s always comfortable to use. Whether you enjoy a swim during the early morning or a midnight dip in the pool, our Pentair® and Raypak® products can offer you the ultimate in backyard enjoyment!


In-Ground Pool Automatic Pool Cleaners

One of the most useful pool renovations you can do is to add an automatic pool cleaner. We offer suction side cleaners, pressure side cleaners, and robotic cleaners, including the Lil Shark suction side cleaner, the Legend Auto Vacuum Pressure Side cleaner, and the Maytronics 30i robotic cleaner with Bluetooth capabilities. You can even operate the last one with your Smartphone! Clean the pool anytime with the touch of a few buttons! 

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Pool Pumps

Make the most of your in-ground swimming pool with some of the best pool pumps around. Our pool pumps allow you to quickly and easily clean the water. Meaning that these pool pumps will not only keep your pool running efficiently, but also keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying all that your pool has to offer. The Cornelius Above Ground Pool display shows you everything in full size, while the 1 ½ HP Pump and 250lb Sand Filter allow for more efficient cleaning. With its full print liner, this pump will blend into the side of the pool and appear like it’s situated in the ground.

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