How to Plan a Staycation in Your Pool or Spa

Beautiful outdoor living space with a hot tub.

When looking at how to spend your vacation time this season, why not consider staying at home, and taking part in a staycation? Staycations are a great way to relax, rest and rejuvenate yourself all while staying home.

A staycation gets even better is you have your own hot tub or home spa in your backyard. An easy and enjoyable way to save money and enjoy more time with your family, a staycation may be just what you need.

Here is a brief overview of a few things to consider when planning your staycation, keeping your home spa in mind.

Pool Renovations

First off, to ensure that your home spa is up to your standards of luxury, consider finally doing all the pool renovations you have dreamed of but always put off. Some additions to play with are new lighting, a water feature or even some new seating.

Take Time Off

This is a huge part of a staycation. Don’t just take time off from work, but from your household chores as well. If paying someone to clean or cook for you is not in the budget, try to get chores done at one point in the day, ensuring the rest of your time can be spent relaxing and enjoying your hot tub. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your hydrotherapy time.

Plan Your Activities

With a spa, the options are endless for a staycation. With a few simple additions from a pool supply store or even your big box store, you can prepare for any activity. A projector allows you and your family to watch movies outside, even while floating in the pool.

Some new pool accessories, like noodles and floaties, can make for a great pool party. Be sure to include party snacks that you really enjoy, and beverages in holders that are outside friendly.

Ensure a Luxury Feel

To recreate the luxury feel of a five-star spa at home, determine the things you loved the most about the spa experience? Was it a relaxing atmosphere? The high thread count towels? The peace and quiet? Or even the hydrotherapy circuit?

There is a way to bring all of these ideas into your home spa with help from your local pool supply store. You can find ways to incorporate aromatherapy, mood music, and the best quality towels to really enhance your spa experience.

Outback Pools & Spas

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