Top 10 Swim Spa Exercises You’ll Love to Try

Outdoor swim spa installation at dusk.

Getting a swim spa can help you get a serious workout while still having fun. For those who want to start a gentle but serious exercise regimen, in-ground swim spas can help you get into your best shape without putting needless strain or pressure on your joints.

The workouts can be both invigorating and low-impact, making fitness accessible for people of all ages and skill levels.

If you have wanted to whip yourself into your best self possible, try these ten exercises next time you take a dip in your swim spa!

1. Swimming Laps

This one may be a common-sense exercise, but swimming laps in your swim spa can be an excellent cardiovascular and strength training workout! You can adjust the speed of the current to change how hard you work out.

2. Jogging in Place

For off-season runners or those who want to run for fitness but don’t want to damage their knees, jogging or even fast walking in a swim spa can be a fantastic way to stay in shape.

3. Reverse Crunches

Yes, you can do crunches in a swim spa! To do this exercise, grab the side of the swim spa wall and bring your legs up in front of you. Extend your legs, then bring them to your chest. Repeat ten to twenty times or until you feel your core burning.

4. Bicycles

You can enjoy good cycling-style exercise without even needing a bike! Hold onto the wall of your swim spa, with your back to the wall and your legs out in front of you. Pedal like you would a bike. Continue for up to five minutes, depending on your current fitness level.

5. Torso Twists

Start in a seated position in your swim spa. Turn your torso first to the left, then to the right, making sure you keep your elbows tucked in and your hands across your chest. Do three sets of ten for a great core workout.

6. Water Planking

For this exercise, you need a pool noodle. Hold the noodle below you, under the water, along the length of your body. Hold your body taut for as long as you can, up to a minute or two. You will have rock-hard abs before you know it!

7. Leg Extensions

To do this exercise, get into a seated position again with your feet on the ground of the swim spa. Bring them up to stick out before you, then slowly lower them again. Repeat ten times, and complete three sets for strong legs.

8. Flutter Kicks

For the best workout, turn on your jets for resistance. Grab the side of the spa and float on your back. Slowly kick your legs for up to a minute. Pause and repeat the set three more times.

9. Step Push-ups

Grab the steps or the bar of your spa and slowly lower yourself into the water, avoiding fully submerging yourself. Bring yourself back up. The buoyancy will make this exercise easier for beginners, and this is a wonderful way to get strong arms!

10. Calf Raises

Hold onto the side of your spa and place your feet firmly on the ground, at about shoulder width. Slowly raise onto your tiptoes, then lower yourself. Repeat ten times, then complete three sets for strong lower legs.

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