Preparing Your Swimming Pool for Spring 2024

Person testing their pool water.

With spring on the horizon, our thoughts naturally start turning to warm weather activities like swimming and pool parties. If you want to be ready to dive in on the first warm day, follow these step-by-step instructions for a great swimming experience.

1. Organize Your Tools

To make opening your swimming pool for the season as painless a process as possible, it’s helpful to have all the tools you’ll need on hand. Make sure your pool brush, vacuum and telescoping pole are all in good condition for the upcoming season and be sure to have the pool chemicals you’ll need — test strips, chlorine, shock treatment and algae prevention.

2. Clean and Remove Your Pool Cover

Brush away any debris that has found its way onto your pool cover and then use a cover pump to get rid of all puddles from the surface. Detach and empty any side water bags that were holding the cover in place before removing the cover and setting it aside to dry. Once dry, it can be stored away.

3. Perform a Pool Inspection

This is the perfect time to check the pool over to ensure everything is in good repair. Check the pump, plugs, connections and skimmer baskets for damage. Perform all necessary repairs before moving on to the next step.

4. Reconnect Pool Equipment

Next, you’ll need to reconnect any equipment that you removed for the winter including the pool filter, pump and heater. Ladders, handrails and other such accessories can also be reinstalled.

5. Turn on the Filtration System

Remove all winter plugs and re-attach any hoses that were taken out for the winter. Before starting your pool filter, it’s a good idea to make sure no air is in the plumbing lines.

If you suspect there is air present, it’s a good idea to have a professional blow out the lines. This job requires quite a bit of know-how, so we recommend hiring an expert to handle it for you.

6. Add Water as Needed

Begin by checking the pool for leaks and structural damage. If there is a problem, be sure to have it repaired in a timely manner, before it can get any worse. Once you’re sure everything is in good repair, it’s time to fill your pool up to its usual level.

7. Clean the Water

Using a skimmer net, remove all debris from the water and then allow it to circulate for at least eight hours before testing the water. The water’s pH levels should be in the 7.4 to 7.6 range.

Anything above or below those levels requires the use of pool chemicals to balance the water. Chlorine levels should also be tested and adjusted before shocking the water and applying algae prevention treatment.

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