7 Swimming Pool Games to Play This Summer

Child having fun playing games in a swimming pool.

If you’re looking for some ways to spice things up in the pool this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a fun list of pool games that will keep your children amused for hours at a time.

We’ve even thrown in some activities for teens and adults. So give them a try and let us know which game is your favorite.

1.  Get Your Glow On

Swimming at night can be lots of fun, especially when there’s a treasure to search for. Buy some glow sticks and toss them into the water for the kids to find. Whoever finds the most sticks wins.

Or, if your kids have a wide age range, assign a specific number of sticks to each child. Whoever finds the assigned number of sticks first is the winner.

2. Pool Noodle Races

Nothing is more fun than some healthy competition. Kids love races but they can be difficult if not all children have the same swimming ability.

Pool noodles can help level the playing field. Have the children put the noodles under their chests, even with their armpits, and then race back and forth.

3. Water Freeze Tag

In this wet version of the traditional game, the person who is “it” must try to tag all of the other players. Once tagged, the person must freeze in place and players who haven’t been tagged can unfreeze someone by swimming between the frozen person’s legs.

This is definitely more challenging than the land version of the game and is suited to older children with decent swimming skills.

4. Basketball

If you want a game that will work for older kids and teens, this is the perfect solution. Using inflatable basketball hoops — which can be purchased online at a variety of major retailers — the same rules apply as the land game.

If you choose to buy one inflatable hoop, you can play 21 rather than a traditional game. Whoever scores 21 points first is the winner.

5. Numbers Basketball

If you have little ones that aren’t quite ready to play traditional basketball, the numbers version will keep them entertained. Using a hula hoop floating on the surface of the pool, children must throw foam numbers into the center of the “basket.”

If the kids are old enough, ask them to throw the numbers in the correct order.

6. Lost Bottle

This unique scavenger hunt is easy to create. All you need is a clear, plastic bottle filled with water that you drop into the pool when no one is looking. All players must try to find the “invisible” bottle.

This game is quite challenging and you can play as many rounds as you like.

7. Chicken Fight

This game requires adults’ or teens’ participation but is a ton of fun for everyone. Smaller children are hoisted up to sit on the shoulders of their parents or older siblings. Once they’re in position, the fight can begin.

The children try to push their opponents into the water. To keep this game safe, never play this near the sides of the pool and ensure all players are competent swimmers. Beginners should always wear life vests.

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