Reasons Why Your Hot Tub Cover is Losing Heat

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There are many reasons to love owning a hot tub. Numerous health benefits like muscle relaxation, improved sleep, and pain relief mean that a hot tub can improve how your body feels. These health benefits aren’t limited to your physical health, either.

Spending time relaxing in a hot tub provides a great deal of stress relief and improves your overall quality of life. To maximize your spa experience and ensure that ownership is both affordable and enjoyable, you should never overlook what’s arguably the most important hot tub accessory: the cover.

The right hot tub cover will help to retain and regulate heat while keeping debris out and creating a safer hot tub installation. Do you suspect that your hot tub cover may be losing heat? Here are some of the tell-tale signs.

How Long Do Hot Tub Covers Last?

Generally speaking, hot tub covers have a lifespan of about 4 – 5 years. They are made out of foam, which when dry, is a terrific insulator. In order to keep the foam dry, it is encased in a plastic shell.

Why is My Hot Tub Cover Losing Heat?

Over time, this plastic will deteriorate, and as water starts to leech its way into the foam, the insulating properties of the foam become compromised. Unfortunately, water is an excellent conductor of both hot and cold temperatures, and it won’t be long before your electricity bill is the worst kind of surprise.

While these covers tend to last about 4 – 5 years, there are other factors that can cause them to deteriorate faster.

Kids playing with the covers is a common cause of premature wear. Improper handling or trying to fold the cover to save space will also cause the plastic to break down faster, so next time the kids try to use your hot tub covers as a makeshift pool-floaty, you may want to put a stop to that.

Unfortunately, once the water has soaked into the foam, it can be extremely difficult to repair and is often a breeding ground for bacteria. Two signs that water has started to affect your hot tub cover is that it weighs more and is giving off a foul odor.

You will want to replace the cover as soon as possible as the spongy wet foam can be a breeding ground for mold, which can have negative health impacts for you and your family.

How Much Do Replacement Hot Tub Covers Cost?

A good replacement hot tub cover should run you somewhere between $300 – $400 or so, which may seem expensive at first, but it will pay for itself within the first two months in the electricity money you will save.

Not to mention, a few hundred dollars is a small price to pay when it comes to the safety of your family and quality of your hot tub experience.

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