Outdoor Oasis

Improve your property. Create an outdoor Oasis as part of your hot tub plan.

A hot tub is a valuable addition to any Texas home. Young or old, everybody loves hydrotherapy – for stress relief, soothing muscle soreness, or sharing a rejuvenating soak. Start with a beautifully designed, high-performance hot tub. Then plan an outdoor oasis that provides hot tub privacy as well as a place for socializing. Free from the restrictions of the walls, doors and windows inside the house, you can make an outdoor oasis as sophisticated or as rustic as you like.

  • Plan a four-seasons outdoor room around your hot tub – more versatile than a summers-only pool.
  • Keep it simple: think about the indoor/outdoor fabrics and furnishings; an attractive, easy-to-install gazebo; natural stone and wood; and plantings.
  • Create a leafy, natural retreat around your hot tub, for privacy and beauty.

You don’t necessarily need professional landscapers to create the perfect place to enjoy your hot tub. We can help you design a hot tub plan with a luxurious, built-in look. You might be surprised at how easy and affordable it is to install a hot tub half-in, half-out of the ground, using stone, brick or wood decking and attractive foliage to create your outdoor oasis.

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  • With a hot tub, plan to spend more time outdoors year ’round.

    One of today’s hottest design trends is creating a relaxed environment for private enjoyment or casual entertaining. As a private and a social extension of the home, a hot tub-centered “living room” brings the indoors outside. Who doesn’t dream of a backyard where they can relax, enjoy family time, or invite guests for a barbecue and hot tub party? You can have just that, with a little planning.

    Apply the five basics of interior design to your outdoor oasis:

    1. Floor coverings (what goes under the hot tub and around it: decks, hardscape, lawns and gardens)
    2. Wall décor (screens, trellises, hanging plants, a gazebo)
    3. Lighting (soft lighting from your hot tub is one source)
    4. Furnishings (patio table and chairs, planters)
    5. Accessories (spa steps, bar and stools, stereo, barbecue)

    You have a wide choice of styles, options, and accessories. Have fun putting together the perfect hot tub plan for your backyard!

  • 3 Steps to a Hot Tub

    Step 1
    Identify the area for your outdoor oasis. Your hot tub plan should include a solid foundation for the spa and an electrical source.

    Step 2
    Measure the area, including space for decking, plants, trees, paths, etc. You can find the sizes and specifications for all of our hot tubs online.

    Step 3
    Enjoy. This outdoor room, sheltered from the wind and surrounded by natural beauty, includes a dining area as well as a hot tub.

    A backyard design doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just a few tweaks to a current landscape may be all that’s needed to create a personalized hot tub environment. See installations for inspiration.


Our experts at Outback Pools & Spas are here to help make backyard entertainment and maintenance as enjoyable as possible. We know you have questions, and lots of them. That’s why we’ve taken some time to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our products and backyard maintenance, including hot tubs, swimming pools and swim spas. If you have a question but it isn’t listed here, please feel free to get in touch with us or visit us in-person today!


Where you install your spa can depend on your personal preferences, lifestyle and/or budget. If your hot tub or swim spa won’t fit through the doorway or window, an outdoor installation might be your only choice. Indoor installations also require an adequate foundation to support the weight of the spa and ventilation for the humidity. These factors contribute to the growing popularity of having a hot tub installed outside, as it tends to be a little easier to complete and can really transform the everyday backyard into an outdoor paradise that’s sure to drop jaws.


Rinse your hot tub filter every two weeks with water from the hose and soak your filter overnight in a filter cleaning solution every two months. You should replace your hot tub filter once a year to ensure proper filtration, circulation and safety.


You shouldn’t have to replace your hot tub cover more than three times over the lifespan of your hot tub. You should replace your hot tub cover if it is:

• Ripped
• Damaged
• Deteriorating
• Emitting a foul odor

If your spa cover is heavier than when it was brand new, you should think about replacing it soon. Ripped, cracked or torn material can allow for moisture to seep through the protective lining and build-up in the interior, leading to the growth of bacteria and mold. Once your hot tub cover begins to smell or is significantly heavier, chances are that bacteria has already started to grow due to the build-up of moisture. Look at our blog section to learn how to clean your hot tub cover in 5 simple steps.


Built into just about every modern Sundance® Spas hot tub, the MicroCLEAN® Filtration System can help improve the quality and safety of the hot tub water, while reducing maintenance efforts. This nearly maintenance-free hot tub experience can take care of the hard work, so you don’t have to.


A swim spa is a medium to large-sized at-home spa system that can be installed into most backyards. These systems are often described as a hybrid of a swimming pool and a hot tub. Ranging from about 16 to 20 feet in length, most offer a large tank area that is well-suited for recreation, entertainment and exercise. On the other end is a spa area that is very close to that of a hot tub, complete with seats, jets, speakers, interior lighting, and more.


For most, swim spas are completely worth it. Some of the top benefits of owning and using a swim spa on a regular basis can include:

• Increased home value
• Better quality of life
• Improved backyard lifestyle
• Improved overall health
• Reduced stress
• Weight maintenance
Eased muscle tension
• Soothed joint pain
• Improved sleep patterns
• Better post-injury recovery


The best pools depend on the design, manufacturing and materials behind it. The best pools tend to have a higher price point, to pay for the higher-quality craftsmanship and materials to ensure a sound product. The best pools tend to have fewer costly repairs, reduced risk of leaking, enhanced style and aesthetic, and a longer lifespan.

High-quality pool materials you should be looking for can include:

• Steel-reinforced concrete
• Plaster
• Shotcrete or gunite finishes
• Tile, stone and pebble aggregate surfaces
• Fiberglass
• Vinyl lining


Enhanced safety: access to the pool can be blocked off by a latched/locked gate
Cost-effective: installing an above-ground swimming pool with a ladder or small deck can help cut costs
Mobility: easier to dismantle and relocate if you were to move houses and wanted to bring the pool with you
Faster installation: above-ground pools offer a faster installation process since you do not have to dig and install underground


Functionality: built directly into the landscape, in-ground pools can become one with the backyard, creating a more complete outdoor space with different areas for entertainment
Aesthetic: complete with stone surfaces, water features, flower gardens, and exterior lighting, the installation of an in-ground pool can help create a beautiful backyard paradise
Home value: permanent and enjoyable, an in-ground pool might boost the value of your home or make it more of a hot commodity while on the market.
Longevity: expertly-installed and surrounded with concrete, in-ground pool installations tend to last much longer than above-ground ones, with added protection from the elements and a more permanent structure


Take it easy, backyard hot tub style.

Start with the basics: backyards, decks, and patios are all about relaxing. That’s why a hot tub fits in so well. Let’s assume you’re just thinking about adding a hot tub.

  • Plan to use your hot tub all year long. Plant seasonal flowers, move furniture, or add a spa umbrella when the seasons change.
  • Keep it simple: you may only need matching steps and planters around your hot tub.
  • Create a leafy, natural retreat around your hot tub, for privacy and beauty. Don’t wait for trees to mature – ivy-covered trellises surrounding your hot tub work well, too.

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Backyards for beginners.

If you didn’t grow up gardening, or you’re as nature-deprived as many of us seem to be these days, you may be intimidated by the idea of taking care of a yard, not to mention planning how it’s going to look. Luckily, our backyard entertainment specialists at Outback Pools and Spas are here to help!

  • Hardscaping.
    The rule of thumb is to plan for or around the hardscape. This is masonry work, woodwork, patios, decks, wooden arbors – anything permanent or built-in. (Plants, shrubs, lawn are considered softscape). A hot tub should be thought of as hardscaping, especially if you’re planning to surround it with decking. Look through some examples of hot tub installations for inspiration.

  • Get the big picture.
    Nurseries full of exotic plants are tempting, especially in the Spring, but they don’t always fit in when we get them home. Most backyards are organized by a few strong elements, like a green grassy lawn, rows of hedges, a patio for entertaining. Start with these dominant features, and also decide how you will get to and from different areas. Then fill in the blanks with seasonal plants, furniture, etc.

  • Copy what you like.
    When you see something you like, consider adapting the idea for your yard. Plants growing in your neighborhood are a safe bet (the climate supports them). Admire your neighbor’s new brick walkway? Ask for the name of the bricklayer, or maybe the homeowner has some tips for you! You can research how-to details online for almost any landscaping or outdoor remodeling project.

Planning for a Hot Tub

Hot tub plans – avoid the add-on look.

Plan ahead for your new hot tub. Having a hot tub plan can help you achieve a “built-in” look, and avoid the impression that the spa was an add-on. As you shop for a new hot tub, keep in mind the dimensions of the patio, deck or yard for your spa installation. Look through Texas home and garden magazines for design ideas. And browse through the photos of hot tub owners’ backyards for patio, deck, and spa installation ideas.

  • Access to the spa from the house is usually via an existing wood, concrete, or masonry patio. You may have secondary access to or from a lawn area that provides continuity between your house, spa, and yard. The area next to the stairs leading from the spa to the lawn provides the perfect spot for a flowerbed, or a towel tree.
  • Transition between spa decking and the lawn area. Strengthen the continuity between your house and yard by creating a “stepping-stone” effect:
    • Allow the ground cover (i.e. turf, grasses, moss, etc.) to grow between the stepping-stones to blend the hardscape (decking) to the softscape (lawn area).
    • Redwood rounds make nice stepping-stones. If your decking is masonry, match the brick, flagstone, or tile.
  • Install garden lighting along the pathway to your spa. Hot tubs feature LED interior lighting, including sparkling, backlit waterfalls in most models.


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5 key points in planning for your Sundance® spa installation.

  1. Consider your family's needs and desires. Do you entertain? Love family barbeques? Enjoy reading or quiet meditation? The answers to these questions will help you determine the type of setting you want for your hot tub, and which hot tub model is best for you.
  2. Is your spa easy to get to from the house? The closer it is, the more you'll enjoy it. Consider a patio or deck just outside the home for spa installation.
  3. Think about privacy when deciding where to place your hot tub. Check the views into your yard. Tall shrubs or plants can form an enclosure for your hot tub installation.
  4. Identify sun and shade spots as well as wind directions. Place your hot tub where you can use it comfortably throughout the year.
  5. How's the view from your hot tub? Is there attractive landscaping or a sunset view? Need to keep an eye on the children as you soak? Consider the line of sight from your spa.


  • Drainage

    When it rains, which way does the water flow? Water should flow away from your house and other structures; it should not stand or puddle near your spa. Will you need extra grading or drains to ensure water doesn't settle where your spa is going to be installed?

  • Hot tub electrical installation

    Electrical power from the main panel of your house may also provide for your irrigation controller and other electrical needs, such as lighting. An electrician can install an extra outlet or hardwire additional controllers. Be sure your electrician consults the Pre-delivery Guide for your model before doing electrical work.



One of the best home improvement ideas you may ever have is to revamp your backyard with the installation of an outdoor spa. It’s a lot easier to own and maintain one than you think. The installation process is simple. It usually involves making sure you have a good foundation for a spa, a trustworthy electrical connection, and a garden hose to maintain the water levels. Whether your ideas for a backyard transformation are along the lines of being contemporary, energy-saving and functional, or if you simply want to get more from the space around your existing hot tub, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about planning, creating, and budgeting for your backyard transformation!



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  • FAQ'S

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    Our frequently asked questions.



In our backyard ideas planning section, you’ll find tips for buying the hot tub that best suits your needs. This is also where we give you details on backyard spa delivery and setup. Putting it all together lets you exercise your own creative style in planning walkways to and from the house, patio or deck location, and landscaping around your backyard hot tub. Besides being a valuable resource for planning and installation questions, we can offer recommendations for professional services, as well. The best backyard ideas maximize the benefits you’ll get from your hot tub therapy, relaxation, and entertainment.

It’s easy to fall in love with backyard spa living. Why? Because hot tubs are easy to maintain. The modern hot tub owner has access to protective covers and other practical accessories that help ensure a safe and efficient spa experience 365 days a year. All our Sundance® Spas are available in sizes from small to large, to fit almost any backyard. See your backyard ideas about hot tub built-in spa music, waterfalls, planters, and more to make your backyard hot tub come to life. Get more information from the blog and visit our store for details.


Owners responses* to a survey about what was important to them in choosing a hot tub include personal relaxation, hot tub quality and reliability, and therapy and pain relief. Visit our showroom for an in-person experience. See 10+ models on display, ask questions, and see the unbeatable quality for yourself.

* Warranty/Registration card surveys, January 2006 through April 2007.

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