What Is The Best Hot Tub for Me? 4 Things To Consider

Woman opening up her outdoor hot tub.

Take your time when looking at hot tubs for sale to find the perfect one to suit your lifestyle. You’ll want to learn all about the benefits of the best hot tubs to make the right choice.

From materials to hot tub warranty, you’ll want to get the most value for your investment. Within your budget, consider the quality of the product, dimensions and seating options as well as entertainment features when planning your purchase.

Be sure to find out about maintenance, how to use hot tub chemicals for cleaning your spa and its cover. They’re all important to think about how you’ll be using your new hot tub.

1. Look at Jets and Massage Options

Where there are optimal hot tub jets and massage options, there is hydrotherapy.

The idea of a relaxing soak in hot water is not new. For centuries, hydrotherapy has been a popular activity around the world. Ancient cultures first established the benefits of hydrotherapy from naturally occurring thermal springs, then over the years, elaborately constructed bath houses were made. Today, whether for relaxation, recovery or connection time, hot tubs will really enhance your life.

Quantity doesn’t always equal quality – that’s because balancing jets and airflow to the number of pumps and the amount of power is critical. If massage is your priority, don’t stop at back jets - there are also jets for the legs, feet, hands, and neck. Then look for adjustable jets to fully personalize your massage.

2. Buy Quality Materials

The best hot tubs are designed for reliability. That means every part you see—and even those you don’t—is exceptionally engineered with the best materials to ensure a superior product. You’ll want to find a durable, acrylic shell that is stain and scratch resistant when you’re looking at hot tubs for sale.

Do some research and find long-lasting cabinetry, such as synthetic wood, that is UV-resistant to withstand weather and stay beautiful for longer. And the best hot tubs have an intuitive control system that is easy to use, even in the dark.

3. One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When browsing hot tubs for sale near you, consider how many people you want to seat, what purpose you’re using it and the area in which you are placing your hot tub. Keep in mind that seating capacity does not always determine outer dimensions.

So moving up to a hot tub that seats more may only change the exterior dimensions by a few inches while giving you a lot more room inside your hot tub. Not to mention that you will want a hot tub that fits perfectly into the installation, not too small and not too big - just right!

4. Seating Options

Often your seating configuration determines how frequently you use your hot tub. It’s really important. A large hot tub provides an oasis for family and friends. The larger the tub, the more options you’ll have for both open seating and targeted hydromassage.

Hot tubs are available at Outback Pools and Spas in the following sizes:

  • 2-3-person hot tubs
  • 4-5-person hot tubs
  • 5-6-person hot tubs
  • 6+ person hot tubs

Lounge seats and therapy seats are made for relaxation, while loveseats are perfect for two. Cool-down seats sit higher above the water line and are great for children or taking a break from the warm water.

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