What Hot Tub Foundation is Best For My Hot Tub?

What Hot Tub Foundation is Best For My Hot Tub?

Now that you’ve chosen and purchased the perfect hot tub for your home, it’s time to turn your attention to the next step in the process: the installation.

Every good installation begins with a solid and reliable base. In this article, we will discuss the foundation options for your new hot tub.

1. An Existing Patio

Your patio is not only a convenient spot for your hot tub, it can look beautiful when tied into your current landscaping. Before installation, however, there are a few things you should check. Is your patio perfectly level? If it runs at even the slightest angle, it won’t offer a solid base for your spa. Does it have age cracks or weather damage? This can also impact your spa’s stability.

If your patio isn’t completely level, but your heart is set on having your hot tub installed there, a little maintenance will be in order. Once the area is level and free of damage, your installation can move ahead as planned.

2. An Existing Deck

Your deck is another wonderful choice for a hot tub install. It’s close to the house making dips at any time of the day convenient. Before moving ahead with your plans, you’ll first need to make sure your deck is able to bear the weight of a water-filled spa.

Empty, your spa may only weigh a few hundred pounds. Filled, however, it will be well over 3,000.

Have your contractor inspect your deck to make sure it’s level and stable. As long as your deck was built to code, there should be no issue with installing your spa there.

3. Concrete Base

If you don’t have an existing base for your spa, a concrete slab will serve you well. Pouring concrete is a simple process for professionals, who will be able to tailor its size to accommodate your tub.

They will also ensure the concrete is perfectly level. Once hardened, you will have a strong and stable foundation for your spa.

4. Paver Stones

If you favor stone as a base, paver stones are an economical choice. The stones must be installed properly and be completely level to work as a base for your spa.

That may mean using a layer of cement between the stones and the spa’s bottom. This will ensure a solid and secure foundation for keeping your spa in place.

5. Crushed Gravel

Just like your other choices, crushed gravel will work beautifully as a base, but only when installed and used correctly. Gravel shifts easily, so, to get it right, you may want a professional to handle the installation. A professional will ensure the gravel accommodates the shape of your spa’s base.

When used properly, it will hug the unit, holding it securely in place. Choosing the right gravel is also important, so discuss your plans with an expert before making a purchase.

6. Prefabricated Pad

Although this base is most often used for indoor hot tub installs, it can work outside too. Prefabricated pads usually come in kits that can be purchased to match the size of your spa. These pre-made plastic pads can then be customized to accommodate your needs.

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