6 Ways to Create a More Private Backyard Space

Private outdoor hot tub installation.

If you frequently use your hot tub for date nights, or your pool for private family parties, you may have been frustrated in the past over the lack of privacy you experienced.

When hoping to enjoy the company of your loved ones, it is maddening to be interrupted by a well-meaning neighbor.

This takes away from the whole point of soaking in a hot tub or investing in a backyard pool for your family. Below are six ways to create more backyard privacy for your family!

1. Trees and Hedges

Planting trees and some larger shrubs around your hot tub, pool and outdoor area is a great way to increase the privacy you experience. They can also provide some shade, as well as a great windbreak.

Once established trees and shrubs are relatively low maintenance. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, and they are available at nurseries and hardware stores.

2. Invest in a Gazebo

To really keep prying eyes out, think about a gazebo near your pool, or situated over your hot tub. These structures help to keep nature out of your spa, while still offering shade and privacy.

Some are available with curtains that can be drawn to keep bugs out and the romance in!

3. Build a Fence

There’s a saying that goes “the best neighbor is a fence”, and it isn’t entirely wrong. If you are working to improve the privacy of your backyard space, think about investing in a fence. This can help to keep your furry friends in your own yard and offers protection from any prying eyes.

Depending on where you reside, a fence may be legally required for your swimming pool, swim spa or hot tub installation. Certain heights and builds may be required, so be sure to check the laws with your local government first before installing your pool or spa. With the right build and structure, this fence can help to provide additional privacy, along with safety, too.

4. A Big Idea

If you are working to improve the privacy of your backyard space on a budget, think about plants. Tall, decorative plants and grasses planted in a large pot can really dress up your sitting area. They will also contribute to privacy and a natural atmosphere.

5. Strategic Placement

To keep your hot tub accessories safe from the elements, a shed or pool house may be the best bet for you and your family. If strategically placed, it can dissuade peepers. A pool house is also a great place to store pool chemicals to keep them away from guests.

6. Muffle the Street

If you are looking to provide yourself some privacy in an especially noisy neighborhood, look at purchasing an outdoor stereo system. These can ensure that your private conversations remain private and can muffle outside noises.

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